Demand for 'two-mile footwear has increased by 20%, according to Bata India

Demand for 'two-mile footwear has increased by 20%, according to Bata India

14th September 2021, Mumbai:

Because post-lockdown customer tastes are still largely affected by a need for comfort, footwear retailer Bata India has seen demand for "two-mile" footwear rise by 20%, as well as casual footwear demand. According to the Hindustan Times, casual footwear is driving Bata India's current development, with both two-mile and sneaker designs staying popular even after the lockdown. Two-mile footwear, according to the company, is a cross between loungewear and workplace, with comfort-driven styles that are nevertheless appropriate for more formal occasions. The two-mile trend has also gained traction in the fashion industry, with clothes like kaftans and rompers dominating work-from-home collections and even making their way into event dress lines.

The Hindustan Times quoted Bata India's chief collection officer Matteo Lambert as saying, "Even when the world opens up and people start venturing out, they search for footwear that can offer them with home-like comfort all day long." “The distinctions between absolutely formal and informal attire are inevitably blurring.

This opened the way for two-mile footwear, which provides the ideal mix of leisure and workwear. In the previous year, we've seen an increase in demand for two-mile footwear. Overall, demand for two-mile footwear has risen by 20%, and this trend is expected to continue.”

At Bata, casual footwear has become increasingly fashionable.

As a result, the company has increased its focus on shoes, with brands such as Power, North Star, and Hush Puppies among them. Anand Narang, Bata India's vice president of marketing and customer experience, told Afaqs, "In the previous three to four years, we've been executing campaigns where we promote casual footwear and sneaker items." “Over the previous two years or so, our demand for casuals and sneakers has increased by more than 40%.”

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