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DFU Presents: An Invigorating Webinar FUTURE OF JOBS AND SKILLS?

- In the Textile-Apparel Sector, Post-Covid Pandemic Crisis –

04:00 PM, Friday 18th December, 2020

The long-stretched Covid-19 Pandemic and the consequences of economic disruption, health anxiety, contraction of consumer demand, and reverse migration of labour, etc., have had adverse impact on the industrial outlook on creation of new jobs as well as on sustainability of current jobs. In the context of mounting job losses and steep decline  in new job creation, there is a  pressing need for Thought Leaders to deliberate and find better solutions and answers:-
Webinar Segments for Discussion:-

Post Covid Scenario : Future of Jobs and Skills?     

15-20 Minutes

Reskilling, Upskilling & New Skilling for Textile – Apparel Sectors  

15-20 Minutes

New Skilling & Multi-skilling: RUNway to building competitiveness in the context of Industry Revolution 4.0

15-20 Minutes


Q&A from Audience 

10-15 Minutes

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