Our Portfolio

Missionary Statement:
To let the trade professionals make informed decisions in the dynamic T&A industry.
Credo: “The right information at the right time, to the right people”

1. DFU Organiser: Apparel 4.0 Seminar at GTE 2018

Apparel 4.0

2. DFU Convener: Textile 4.0 Seminar

Textile 4.0

3. DFU Convener: Textile Conference 2012

Textile Conference

Textile Conference

4. CEO CONCLAVE, Telangana 2019: DFU Publications Organiser

5. DFU Presents:
”An Invigorating Webinar on ‘FUTURE OF JOBS AND SKILLS” in run upto launch of Dr Darlie Koshy, DG & CEO ATDC India book.

6. Fashionating World & DFU Publications Tech & Knowledge Partner