BRICS+ Fashion Summit: A Global Stitch of Style and Collaboration

BRICS+Fashion Summit2023

12 December 2023, Mumbai

Moscow's Zaryadye Hall pulsated with the rhythm of international fashion from November 28th to December 2nd, 2023, as the BRICS+ Fashion Summit unfolded. More than just a showcase, it was a tapestry woven from diverse threads – industry titans, fashion education pioneers, and international associations, all gathered from 60 countries across continents.

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From Asia and Latin America to the Middle East and beyond, the summit stitched together a dialogue of style. Renowned names like Lucas Leao (Brazil), CHNNYU (China), and David Tlale (South Africa) shared their creative visions, while Alena Akhmadullina (Russia), Sadaels (Argentina), and Arzu Kaprol (Turkey) added unique textures to the global fashion canvas.

Leading the Indian delegation, Sanjay Chawla of DFU Publications, along with representatives from the esteemed Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) under Sunil Sethi's guidance, wove India's rich handloom heritage into the summit's fabric. Top designers like Ritesh Kumar, Naushad Ali, Gaurav Khanijo, and Shruti Sancheti presented exquisite collections, showcasing the country's vibrant textile traditions.

Beyond the runway, the summit fostered collaboration and knowledge exchange. Industry experts, designers, and buyers mingled in the Zaryadye Park, forging partnerships and sparking new ideas. Fashion education institutions and international associations joined hands, building a bridge for future generations of fashionistas.

The BRICS+ Fashion Summit wasn't just a fleeting spectacle; it was a catalyst for innovation. New trends were born, collaborations blossomed, and the seeds of a more connected fashion world were sown. This wasn't just a celebration of style; it was a stitch towards a brighter, more inclusive fashion future.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in this global fashion saga. The BRICS+ story is just beginning!

Key Insights

  1. Global Threads: 60 countries, diverse voices, united by fashion.
  2. Beyond Runway: Collaboration and knowledge, not just catwalk glamour.
  3. Stitching Style: Renowned designers, unique textures, weaving a global tapestry.
  4. Handloom Legacy: India's vibrant traditions, woven into the summit's fabric.
  5. Future Stitched: Innovation ignited, partnerships forged, a brighter fashion world.

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