Profit Margin Squeeze in FY2024


30 September 2023, Mumbai

Discounts and Advertising Costs Challenge Fashion Retailers

Fashion retailers are bracing for profit margin pressure in FY2024 due to two key factors: increased discounts to combat a demand slowdown and elevated spending on advertising and promotions to drive revenue growth, according to ICRA's analysis.

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Operating Margin Conundrum

Margin Projection Despite Revenue Growth

Despite anticipating a robust 13% year-on-year (YoY) revenue growth, fashion retailers are expected to see their operating profit margins decline by approximately 120 basis points (bps) to 5.2% in FY2024. This projection concerns 11 listed retail entities that collectively account for 23% of the industry's revenue.

Sector's Resilience

Stable Outlook Amid Challenges

ICRA currently maintains a stable outlook for the retail sector, indicating confidence in its resilience despite the impending challenges.

Potential for Industry Changes

Impact on Individual Retailers and Industry Consolidation

While the sector as a whole may remain robust, the profit margin pressure could impact individual retailers, potentially leading to industry consolidation.

Strategies for Survival

Adaptation and Innovation Are Key

To counter profit margin challenges, fashion retailers should focus on cost optimization, refine their product mix, and enhance the overall customer experience. Exploring new avenues, such as expanding into online retail and offering value-added services, can also be beneficial.

Mixed Outlook

Balancing Growth and Margins

In summary, the fashion retail industry's outlook for FY2024 is a mixed bag. While revenue growth is expected to persist, profit margins face increasing pressure. Successful retailers will need to proactively manage costs and prioritize customer satisfaction to thrive in this demanding landscape.

5 key insights:

  • Discounts and ads challenge margins
  • Revenue growth expected, despite margin pressure
  • Industry resilience despite challenges
  • Profit margin pressure could impact individual retailers
  • Retailers must adapt and innovate to thrive

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