Virtual Fashion: The dawn of the digital era


 05 December 2022, Mumbai

It is sanguine to assume virtual fashion is a way of dressing digitally as we are living in a digital era today realizing anyone freaks/loves to go for apparel/clothes shopping, barring the inconvenience/hassle that is the trial room experience.

The principle of virtual fashion is all about experiential/personalizing 3D virtual shopping environments as a persuasive selling tool in the evolving dynamic field of 3D virtual reality (VR) retailing to capture in effect both mindscape and ultimately slice of shopper's wallet. Virtual Fashion is all set to make a real mark in the fashion space and is poised to address real-time problems.

Opportunities abound

Making a case for Virtual Fashion let us say, if you like couture/designer outfits, availing and accessing this technique, the visible outcomes are not only it permits one to wear it digitally but also helps check what are critical pieces in terms of seeing the fit and the looks knowing wearer how she can carry herself.

Interestingly it is a harmonious blend of fantasy and reality enabling the process of buying and wearing apparel/clothes made purely out of pixels.

You have guessed right that after all, Virtual fashion is merely one step away, primarily the sustainability concerns, secondarily but also making democratizing fashion to all and one irrespective of size and gender. Again under this mode, the tech enables smart surprises such as the product getting capable of identifying a person, and displaying apparel/garments on them in real-time making it in some sense a measurable action.

Multifaceted applications

The Fabricant, Amsterdam's fashion brand supposed to be very innovative, trendsetter interestingly is one of the early movers facilitating people to try on apparel/attire digitally.

This technology supports infinite user applications that can capably go way beyond the conventional use in the realms of fashion stores space, and fashion designing thus enabling in robust manner fashion designers & e-commerce websites to curate/personalizing/premiumization regardless of sex and size to let them stay relevant; help democratize both maintain a sustainable presence tackling the challenges of building prototype designs/early concept art models also creating a leeway for successfully testing/underpinning validation all virtually ahead of indiscreet spending on materials, as technically it is a friend of resource conservation what one would have to physically manifest through a mindless number of designs and permutations as hitherto was the case.

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