Adidas Stripes a Hit in India: Cricket jersey sales boom and brand buzz

Adidas Stripes a Hit in India: Cricket jersey sales boom and brand buzz

German sportswear giant Adidas has scored a big win in the Indian market, capitalizing on its cricket jersey partnership with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). This lucrative deal, which grants Adidas the official jersey rights for the Indian men's and women's cricket teams, has proven to be a masterstroke, driving brand visibility, consumer acquisition, and overall market share growth.

Key success drivers

As per Neelendra Singh, MD, Adidas India, cricket's immense popularity in India makes it a sport loved by so many people. The BCCI deal allows Adidas to reach a massive audience of 700 million potential customers. This partnership goes beyond simple jersey sales; it fosters brand loyalty and establishes Adidas as a key player in the Indian sportswear market. Recognizing the importance of affordability, Adidas offered a three-tier pricing strategy, including a fan jersey at Rs 999. This broadened accessibility and undercut the market for fake jerseys. Sales figures speak for themselves: half a million jerseys sold last year, a record for India.

Adidas also employs a robust mix of online and physical channels to reach customers across India's diverse landscape. Their digital presence reaches 98 per cent of the addressable market, while strategically placed company-owned stores and franchised outlets ensure a strong physical presence. Additionally, their innovative distribution channels, encompassing online platforms, traditional stores, and even quick-commerce services like Blinkit, ensure jerseys are readily available to fans. Adidas' marketing campaigns around the BCCI partnership, like the ‘3 Ka Dream’ video, have garnered high engagement. This strategy not only promotes jerseys but also strengthens the brand association with cricket. Furthermore, Singh highlights a significant rise in Adidas' "share of search" since the partnership began, indicating a heightened consumer interest in the brand.

While cricket is a major focus, Adidas isn't neglecting other sports. They maintain a strong presence in football, running, and their popular Adidas Originals lifestyle line. The recent success of Argentina's national football team and the Spanish Women's World Cup win have also driven sales of football jerseys in India.

More importantly Adidas is committed to the Indian market. They've established a sourcing office and a global tech hub in India, employing over 1,100 engineers. This signifies a long-term vision for growth and development within the country.

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