D2C fashion brand TIGC anticipates robust growth in GMV


 30 May 2023, Mumbai

Direct-to-consumer fashion brand, The Indian Garage Co (TIGC), is on a determined path to achieve remarkable growth, targeting an impressive 100% increase in gross merchandise value (GMV) with a goal of reaching Rs 600 crore ($72.6 million) by the end of the financial year 2023-24.

The Indian Garage Co Sets Ambitious Goal

TIGC's journey has been marked by an exceptional year-on-year growth of 300%, culminating in a gross merchandise value of Rs 300 crore in the previous fiscal year.

To realize its ambitious objectives, TIGC plans to expand its presence in offline retail through the phygital distribution route and establish exclusive brand outlets.

Additionally, TIGC has successfully diversified its portfolio with the introduction of 'Free Hand,' a women's wear line, and 'Hard Soda,' a plus-sized fashion brand, adopting a house of brands format. With robust monthly sales of 5–6 lakh units across multiple platforms, TIGC is positioned for continued success as it strives to build a globally recognized value fashion brand.

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