WHY India: Reimagining Fashion's Future


21 December 2023, Mumbai

  • From bustling exhibition halls to insightful talks, Intex Textile Conclave 2023 unveiled a captivating narrative for fashion's future. "Fibres of Fashion" set the stage: a shift from supply-driven markets to consumer-centric values, aesthetics, and functionalities.

    Sanjay Chawla, DFU founder, emphasized: "It's now the fashion to fiber." Fashion must align with evolving choices, both beautiful and purposeful.

    Delving into India's fiber landscape, experts explored blends, particularly polyester-cotton, as a response to soaring cotton prices. Statistical data proved their potential without compromising quality.

    The future of fibers sparked a lively debate. Dr. Deepti Gupta emphasized the role of cutting-edge developments in addressing challenges posed by changing consumer demands and sustainability concerns.

    From sportswear to activewear, a session unraveled the intricate dance of fusion and blends, revealing how different fibers create enhanced fabrics with luxurious feels and specialized performance properties.

    Collaboration took center stage. DG & CEO of ATDC, Vijay Mathur, hailed the conclave as a platform for the entire textile value chain to voice concerns and facilitate collaboration.

    Looking beyond fibers and fabrics, the second day explored AI's transformative power. Vedant Ahluwalia, MD of Dataviv, declared, "The time for textiles and fashion to embrace the AI revolution is now!"

    In essence, the Intex Textile Conclave wove together insights, innovations, and aspirations for the future of fashion. From consumer-centric narratives to AI-powered revolutions, the discussions challenged and inspired, leaving participants with a renewed vision for the textiles of tomorrow.

    This event stood as a testament to India's resilience and adaptability, setting the stage for a dynamic and transformative future in textiles and fashion, not just in India but beyond.

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