India’s online lingerie retail sees good growth: Study


23 November 2022, Mumbai:

The online lingerie market in India is growing at 18 percent a year, says Technavio report. One of the main factors fueling the growth of the Indian online lingerie industry is the rising penetration of organized retail, pushing lingerie demand. There is an endless selection of bras, underwear, nightwear, and casual clothing available online.

The newest and best lingerie collection is being offered at reasonable rates and it is highly equipped with amazing fashion designers from runway trends. The significance of organized shops providing branded intimate apparel has greatly expanded along with the rise in consumer preference for branded goods.

The online lingerie market in India is segmented into: bras, knickers, and panties. One of the most important lingerie categories is bras. It not only ensures that a garment fits properly, but it also gives the wearer support, comfort, and confidence.

Push-up bras increase women's confidence by 75 percent. Furthermore, increased urbanization has generated a pool of young clients who anticipate new bra items to mirror western fashion. These younger clients are well-informed and well-traveled, brand conscious, and up-to-date on current trends. They have more spending capacity and are more willing to experiment and explore. Such factors will drive market expansion.

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