Indian women prefer baggy clothing over maternity wear


30 September 2022, Mumbai:

Indian women usually wear baggy outfits during pregnancy rather than clothing especially suited for maternity use. So says Mylo, a leading full-stack solution for expecting and new mothers. The salwar kameez, with its give and forgiving silhouette, has been the go-to option for pregnant women in the country for generations.

However, 76 percent of Indian women believe one should invest in maternity wear. The most popular purchase platforms for maternity wear are general e-commerce sites, followed by maternity-specific D2C portals.

Maternity tops are donned by 13 percent of women while maternity bottoms (leggings and trousers) are used by less than ten percent. Almost every woman prioritizes comfort when selecting maternity clothing with a preference for breathable yet structured options that can provide adequate support.

Word-of-mouth is the strongest guiding factor for making a purchase, with the majority of women relying on friends and family for advice, followed by 20 percent depending on recommendations from online influencers. But celebrities are not really influencers for maternity wear. Just two percent of Indian women take their cue from celebrities.

Women across the country are still looking for the right maternity wear option that not only provides optimal comfort but does not compromise on style and is available in every budget.

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