Online Clothing Rental Market: Insights


29 September 2022, Mumbai:

Online Clothing Rental Market Size is Expanding its Assortments under Subscription Model Plans to Reach its Clients | FMI.

The market for clothing rentals and subscriptions also provides designers with immediate access to consumer preferences. The online clothing rental subscription industry is also broadening its consumer base by needing specialty/niche markets.

Despite declining apparel/garment sales, the clothing rental industry is expanding its assortments under subscription model plans to reach its clients.

The subscription model is a new style that the clothing rental market is beginning to adopt. It appeals to retailers that must quickly adjust to shifting consumer tastes before particular styles become unpopular. 

COVID-19 Causing Disruptions in Online Clothing Rental.

Therefore, online garment rental aims to reduce clients’ spending on new apparel for any special occasion or purpose.

(CREDITS: Future Market Insights)

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