Pandemic supports the growth of local handloom industry in India

Pandemic supports the growth of local handloom industry in India

In order to meet consumers’ demand for new styles and ranges every season, fashion companies in India need to release new trends every season. A recent report tiled ‘Pulse of the Fashion Industry 2019’ by the Global Fashion Agenda, fashion companies need to keep their supply chain working at full steams to keep up with trends and this may cause a profound impact on the environment.

Sustainability in focus as second-hand sales surge

To counterbalance this negative impact, fashion companies need to implement sustainable solutions at their factories, says the Global Fashion Agenda report. Global pandemic highlighted the importance of sustainability for the fashion industry. As per an Eduindex report, the pandemic impacted all spheres of the industry. It spurred e-commerce growth with online sales booming during the first six months of 2020, Sale of second-hand and recycled clothes, shoes and accessories also surged with many fashion retailers in the US and other countries shipping products to consumers across the world.

The pandemic also led to a decline in apparel shopping. Customers focused on buying essentials as recurrent lockdowns made survival a challenge. In this, scenario, fashion had to take a backseat with shoppers deferring fashion purchases for more sunny days.

Fusion trends back in demand

As the world slowly emerges from this crisis, fashion trends are back to basics. Fusion bridal trends are back in favor as weddings have become intimate and smaller in size. Consumers are opting for mirror lehengas, organza skirts, pre-stitched saris, necklet gowns, dhoti-crop tops in handwoven fabrics and hand-done embroideries made with traditional textile techniques. In turn, this is supporting the growth of local handloom industry and rural artisans in India.

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