Womenswear brand Verb launches new summer collection

Womenswear brand Verb launches new summer collection

To expand its demi-formal product range, womenswear brand Verb has launched a new summer clothing collection titled, 'Chitter Chatter'.

Featuring floral dresses and delicate ruffles, the collection mixes vintage with modern inspirations.

As per PallaviSinghee, Designer, inspired by the lively buzz of social interaction, the collection combines the brand’s expertise with a bold approach to vivid hues, striking patterns, and unique textural elements, creating a multi-dimensional experience that is both nostalgic and contemporary.

Using floaty fabrics and botanical prints, the collection bridges the gap between occasion and casual wear. Vintage-inspired details such as corset lacing, sheer frills, and statement bows add glamor, while relaxed silhouettes and modern design elements maintain a youthful and versatile appeal.

Priced from Rs 10,400, "Chitter Chatter" is currently available on Verb’s direct-to-customer e-commerce store. Ensuring accessibility for a diverse customer base, the collection can be customised for all sizes.

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