Amazon Retail launches new collection centre in Gujarat

Amazon Retail launches new collection centre in Gujarat

23 June 2022, Mumbai:

Amazon Retail India has launched a new collection centre in Gujarat’s Sabarkantha district. The centre will enable Amazon to empower the state’s farmers by directly sourcing them.

The collection centre will introduce fast payments and ensure fair and transparent pricing for farmers besides guiding them on new farming techniques. It will meet the demands of Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Pune areas, says Rajesh Prasad, Category Leader, Amazon Retail.

Farmers will be able to leverage online marketplaces and become a part of the digital economy, adds Prasad. The centre will also enable them to procure best quality local produce and deliver it to customers. Amazon Fresh currently has seven collection centres across India including four in Maharashtra and one each in Haryana, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh.

The Prantij collection centre has a temperature-controlled supply chain infrastructure.

The technology enables Amazon Retail to inspect the quality of the fruits and vegetables.

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