India's ascendance as a key market for Skechers USA


06 December 2023, Mumbai

Skechers USA has opened its national distribution center in Palava, Maharashtra, marking a significant milestone in the brand's expansion efforts. With a footprint spanning 650,000 sq. mt, the distribution center is equipped to efficiently ship up to 60,000 pairs of sportswear daily.

Rahul Vira, CEO of Skechers South Asia, emphasized the adaptability of the facility, noting its potential expansion to an impressive one million sq. ft. if required.


This development signals the commencement of Skechers' upcoming investments across various sectors, including production, retail expansion, and establishing stronger ties with the Indian consumer base, points out David Weinberg, CFO and COO.

John Candemore, CFO, Skechers USA, expressed confidence in India's trajectory to become one of the brand's top global markets.

Indian growth story

Notably, India witnessed the fastest growth for Skechers, prompting the brand to strategically invest further. As Skechers continues to experience robust global demand, India stands out as a key focus for the brand's investments, as highlighted by Weinberg.

The new distribution center underscores Skechers' commitment to meeting the surging demand for sportswear in the Indian market, setting the stage for continued expansion.

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