Westside: Evolving Landscape of Indian Large Format Retailers in 2024

Westside: Evolving Landscape of Indian Large Format Retailers in 2024

Westside’s Strategies

In a series of articles, DFU looks at how over the years India’s Large Format Retailers (LFR) have performed and are strategizing future success, with new challenges and New Age consumers.

Westside, once synonymous with trendy in-house brands and vibrant stores, is quietly reshaping its identity. Recognizing the shift towards conscious consumerism, personalization, and seamless omnichannel experiences, Westside is weaving a new fabric for its future. Let's unravel the threads of this transformation, exploring their current strategies, future plans, and how they're redefining themselves for the discerning Indian shopper.

Moving ahead with fast fashion and strong private labels

India’s retail landscape is shifting with eco-conscious labels like FabIndia and Eka resonating with shoppers who demand more than just trendy threads. Personalization is key, with customers seeking brands that understand their unique styles. And in the digital age, seamless omnichannel experiences blur the lines between online and offline, creating a smooth shopping journey. This is the dynamic Westside navigates, crafting a future beyond fast fashion.

What works for is it private labels. In-house powerhouses like ETA and Westside Studio offer fashion-forward pieces at competitive prices, catering to a broad audience. But there's a green stitch in their fabric – upcycling initiatives and recycled materials showcase their commitment to sustainability. They personalize the experience, too, with in-store stylists, virtual consultations, and recommendations based on your shopping history. Finally, their omnichannel approach seamlessly blends the Westside Shop App, click-and-collect options, and social media engagement for a unified journey.

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(Source: Company annual reports, industry research)

Future focus

Moving ahead strong focus on in-house brands like ETA and Westside Studio continues boosting their expansion and promoting their brand identity and profitability. On the digital front, Westside is stitching together an enhanced online presence with deeper social media engagement, targeted ads, and personalized recommendations. Looking beyond the metros, they're venturing into smaller towns with curated selections in new store formats, tapping into the rising demand in Tier II and III cities. The 'Conscious Collective' initiative, showcasing eco-friendly brands like Doodlage and Fabindia, reflects their commitment to sustainability, resonating with environmentally conscious consumers.

Challenges and opportunities

Westside faces competition from online giants like Myntra and Ajio, and premium brands like Zara and H&M. However, their unique focus on private labels, commitment to sustainability, and personalized approach offer promising avenues for future growth.

The road ahead

Westside is weaving a strategic narrative that goes beyond trendy clothes. By prioritizing sustainability, personalization, and omnichannel integration, they aim to stitch together a future that resonates with the evolving Indian shopper. Whether they become the go-to destination for conscious fashion and personalized experiences remains to be seen, but their commitment to reinvention and relevance is a promising thread in the ever-changing retail landscape.

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