'Clovia' to expand presence in international markets

'Clovia' to expand presence in international markets

9th September 2021, Mumbai:

Lingerie brand Clovia is planning to expand its presence in at least two more international markets. It also plans to triple its offline store count in the coming year. In FY20, Clovia achieved profitability post lockdown with a double digit EBITDA. This was stimulated by good profit margins and repeat orders from existing customers.

Clovia’s ARR grew 100 per cent in FY’20 over FY’19 with its online store now registering double-digit growth month on month. The brand expanded its sleep and loungewear ranges multifold while doubling down on innerwear in the last three quarters. It has observed— 9X growth in sleepwear and loungewear, a 6X growth in maternity lingerie and feeding nightwear, 6X growth in athleisure, and a 2X scale in Clovia’s customer partnership program as users all over the country were looking for more trusted sources such as family, friends.

Early this year, Clovia launched the Bra-Bot— an online AI-based chatbot curated to help one buy the right innerwear and other categories. This is part of Clovia’s continued efforts to bring online shopping experience closer to an assisted offline Clovia store experience and provide its customers technology-driven help for making the right purchase decisions in the product category which boasts of high customer engagement.


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