23rd Bangalore Fashion Week to be held online from March 3 to 6

23rd Bangalore Fashion Week to be held online from March 3 to 6

01 February 2022, Mumbai:

The 23rd edition of Bangalore Fashion Week will be held online from March 3 to The summer 2022 edition will feature an array of Indian designers.

The fashion week will hold fitting and production sessions from March 1 to 2 before the event kicks off online on March 3.

The full event schedule will be announced in February. Designers will be able to register in one of three categories: ‘gen next’ for brands with under three years experience; ‘emerging’ for brands that have run for between three and five years; ‘seasoned’ for brands that are over five years old.

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The online event will feature digital fashion shows as well as panels and talk shows and sales channels. This will enable participating designers to not only showcase their garments but also find out about industry trends and issues as well as connect with potential customers. Brands will be able to raise awareness of their labels as well as boost their sales during fashion week.

Bengaluru Fashion Week has partnered with the e-commerce platform Wear. The style for its retail services and the event’s website links directly to the Wear. Style platform through its ‘shop’ link.

Participants in the fashion week will also be able to retail through the Bengaluru-based online store.

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