BGMEA: Export data for FY2022-23, July-Sep


12 October 2022, Mumbai:

As per the latest statistics, the RMG export of Bangladesh reached US$10.27 billion during the mentioned period, up from US$9.05 billion in July- September of FY 2021-22 indicating 16.61% year-over-year growth.  

A category-wise disaggregated analysis shows that the export of knitwear was US$ 5.64 billion with 9.40% growth. At the same time, the export earnings from woven garments reached  US$4.62 billion with 18.73% growth compared to the same period of FY 2021-22.

If it were to analyze the data for the single month of September 2022, the country’s RMG export declined by 7.52% that means in September 2022 the RMG export dropped to US$ 3.16 billion from US$ 3.41 billion in September 2021.    
The decline in export growth is recorded first in past 14 months.

Given the current global economic situation, export growth may falter further in the coming months. Retail sales in our major export markets have already been affected by high inflation and other economic turmoil.


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