Men on the Move: Indian Menswear Trends in 2023


27 December 2023, Mumbai

As 2023 unwinds, the Indian menswear scene paints a picture of a dynamic shift. Gone are the days of kurtas and suits dominating the landscape.

The modern Indian man is breaking free from sartorial shackles, embracing a new wave of comfort, expression, and conscious consumerism. Let's unravel the threads that wove this fascinating narrative:

The Athleisure Invasion

Comfort reigned supreme in 2023, and nowhere was it more evident than in the rise of athleisure. From high-intensity workouts to casual weekend outings, joggers, sweatshirts, and performance fabrics became menswear staples. Sportswear and activewear brands saw a meteoric rise, catering to the demand for stylish yet functional activewear.

Beyond Basics: Experimentation Takes Flight

Men shed their inhibitions and embraced experimentation. Floral prints, bold colors, and unconventional silhouettes found their way into everyday wardrobes. Designer wear and premium brands took the lead, offering a fusion of traditional motifs with contemporary twists. The growing acceptance of gender-fluid fashion also played a role, blurring the lines between "masculine" and "feminine" aesthetics.

Conscious Choices, Sharp Threads

Sustainability and ethical practices resonated with the modern Indian man. Brands like Fabindia and others witnessed a surge in popularity due to their commitment to organic materials, fair labor practices, and handcrafted techniques. Eco-conscious consumers were no longer willing to compromise style for sustainability.

The Rise of Digital Tailoring

Technology has made its mark in the form of personalized online tailoring platforms. Brands like Blackberrys Menswear and others leveraged AI and 3D body scanning to provide custom-made suits and shirts, offering a perfect fit and catering to diverse body types. This convenience factor resonated with a tech-savvy clientele.

The Regional Renaissance

Just as with women's wear, men's wear embraced the rich tapestry of regional Indian traditions. Bandhani kurtas from Kutch, silk shirts from Benaras, and handloom jackets from Andhra Pradesh found their way into contemporary wardrobes. Brands like Manyavar and  Jaypore played a crucial role in reinterpreting these age-old textiles for the modern man.

Challenges and the Road Ahead

Despite the positive trends, the industry grappled with headwinds. Inflation and supply chain disruptions impacted both manufacturers and retailers.

The ever-evolving online landscape, with its fierce competition and demanding customer base, kept brands on their toes.

Moving ahead

But as we step into 2024, the Indian menswear scene is brimming with potential. Brands that can weave together comfort, experimentation, and conscious choices into their narrative will be the ones writing the next chapter of menswear success.

They must cater to the evolving aspirations of the Indian man, who is no longer a silent observer but an active participant in shaping his own style story.

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