Reliance Retail-led label Yousta launches new store in Surat

Reliance Retail-led label Yousta launches new store in Surat

24 February 2024, Mumbai 

Reliance Retail's youth-oriented fashion label, Yousta, has made its debut in the retail market of Surat, Gujarat, with the aim to captivate the fashion-conscious demographic with its trendy merchandise.

Situated within the Reliance mall in Udhna, the newly unveiled store in Surat showcases a diverse array of trendy outfits, unisex apparel, and character-themed merchandise, along with weekly fashion releases through its distinct "Starring Now" collection. Complementing its fashionable offerings, the store provides a contemporary shopping experience enhanced by technology, featuring QR codes for effortless information retrieval, self-service checkout counters for speedy transactions, and charging stations for electronic devices.

Yousta has been steadily expanding its footprint across different regions, with a particular focus on Gujarat, offering chic and affordable fashion tailored to the tastes of the younger generation.

Since its establishment in August 2023, Yousta has rapidly gained traction as a premier destination for budget-friendly shopping, addressing the ever-evolving preferences of youthful consumers. With its stylish garments priced below Rs 999, and the majority falling below Rs 499, Yousta is dedicated to democratizing fashion accessibility.

Demonstrating its commitment to community involvement, the Surat branch of Yousta has partnered with a non-profit organisation, allowing customers to donate old clothing items, thus supporting community initiatives and promoting sustainable practices.

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