States will compete for a place in the MITRA textiles initiative

States will compete for a place in the MITRA textiles initiative

13th September 2021, Mumbai:

Due to a high level of interest in the program, the Ministry of Textiles wants to use a "challenge method" to choose states that will be authorized as venues for its Mega Investment Textiles Parks scheme.

“We are anticipating [cabinet] clearance on the MITRA plan in the next 15 days,” textiles secretary UP Singh told the Press Trust of India. Due to significant levels of demand from various states, some of which desire multiple parks in their state, the ministry would “follow a challenging technique to choose states,” according to Singh.

The MITRA project, which aims to improve India's textile sector, would see six or seven textile parks built around the country. These parks will serve as industrial hubs, generating jobs and providing access to cutting-edge textile technologies. Following the submission of expressions of interest, the ministry will request papers from interested states and undertake an examination to determine which states are the greatest fit for the program.

Raw resources and adequate land availability will be deciding considerations. 

The plan was included in the government's Union Budget for the fiscal year 2022, and it is presently awaiting approval. “To exploit commercial possibilities, we need rivalry among states, and we will see such competitiveness under the MITRA scheme,” said Textiles Minister Piyush Goyal. “We need to finish six to seven textile parks,” says the executive.

States will have to make appealing commitments for land, labor laws, infrastructure, and power.”

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