Bata India unveils new collection with ‘Try and Fly’ campaign


Blending European-inspired fashion with timeless comfort, Bata India has unveiled its newest 9 to 9 collection with the industry-first ‘Try and Fly’ campaign in partnership with Ease My

The Try & Fly campaign transforms the act of trying on shoes into a rewarding adventure. With every try-on, participants win assured prizes, while weekly lucky winners snag all-expense-paid trips to Goa. Moreover, bumper prize winners win an opportunity to jet off to premier international holiday destinations.

The '9 to 9' collection boasts a diverse range of fashionable footwear suitable for all occasions, ensuring style from dawn till dusk during holiday travels. From semi-casual shoes for leisurely strolls to chic heels for fancy dinners, from casual sandals for beach getaways to trendy sneakers for adventurous outings, the collection mirrors global trends. By seamlessly blending fashion and comfort, it offers travelers an effortlessly stylish experience.

The 'Try & Fly' campaign is now live across Bata stores pan India until June 20, 2024. Customers can simply walk in, try on the 9 to 9 collection, and scan the QR code to enter the contest.

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