Kartik Aryan represents Superdry


 03 December 2022, Mumbai

Actor Kartik Aryan is a brand ambassador for Superdry. He will represent the brand in India, speaking to younger consumers within this market and helping target an audience of a younger demographic within the Gen-Z community.

The new collection featuring the actor as the face of the brand offers an array of Superdry signature styles, including biker and puffer jackets, statement hoodies, stylish tees, and polo shirts, as well as a wide range of denim. Premium British fashion brand Superdry has products like fragrances, body sprays, and body plus hair washes.

The UK market represents around 50 percent of Superdry’s weekly sales and the US around ten percent. Profits have been rising thanks to women’s apparel and recycled products.

Women’s wear accounts for 51 percent of Superdry’s revenue, up from 41 percent in October 2021. Organic and recycled products accounted for more than half of the sales in the 22 weeks up to October, up 11 percentage points year-on-year.

All indicators point to brand health moving in the right direction: revenue, marketing, and sustainability messaging are all moving in the right direction. Superdry will produce enough organic cotton to meet all of the company’s cotton needs, making it self-sufficient in the face of rising prices for the material. 

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