L’Aspiration Summit at JW Marriott celebrates luxury, tradition, and talent

L’Aspiration Summit at JW Marriott celebrates luxury, tradition, and talent

The News 18 Punjab/Haryana hosted the prestigious L’Aspiration Summit at JW Marriott, uniting India's former Royals and prominent figures in the worlds of art and entertainment. Aaliya Sultana Babi, Mallyka Singh Dundlod, and Siddharth Daspan, scions of Balasinor, Jhunjhunu, and Jodhpur, graced the stage with actors Jonita Doda, Aahana Kumra, and Niharica Raizada, along with artist Shan Bhatnagar.

A celebration of luxury trends and lifestyles

L’Aspiration Summit, a unique initiative by News 18 PH, is a celebration of ideas redefining luxury. The event, divided into six sessions, explored themes like Rethinking Luxury, Reviving Tradition, and Redefining Royalty, offering insights into the evolving world of opulence.

Royal transformations and artistic collaborations

Siddharth Daspan, a designer and scion of Jodhpur, shared his journey of transforming the century-old "House of Daspans" into an unconventional tourist haven. He detailed his Soapbox initiative, fostering artistic collaborations and experiments in culinary art.

Art, conservation, and spiritual connections

Shan Bhatnagar, an artist and collector, presented vibrant artworks merging traditional Rajasthani elements with Pichwai painting. He emphasized the spiritual connection in his creations, asserting that "luxury is a state of mind."

Dinosaur tourism and equestrian heritage

Aaliya Sultana Babi, known as Dr. Dinosaur, spoke passionately about her commitment to preserving dinosaur fossils in Gujarat. Mallyka Singh Dundlod, founder of A Baisa’s Adventures, delved into her equestrian roots, highlighting the resurgence of indigenous Marwari horses.

Acting, nepotism, and beauty with purpose

Actors Jonita Doda, Aahana Kumra, and Niharica Raizada shared personal and professional anecdotes. Aahana Kumra addressed nepotism in Bollywood, emphasizing her journey from theatre to success in 'Lipstick under my Burqa.' Niharica Raizada, a medico-scientist turned actor, discussed her return to India and the evolving role of Indian faces in luxury branding.

A Night of royalty, glamour, and insightful conversations

The L’Aspiration Summit created a distinctive evening where India's royalty intertwined with fashion, art, and entertainment, offering a nuanced perspective on luxury, tradition, and talent.

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