Bangladesh: Addressing Minimum Wage Concerns and Counteracting Misinformation


23 November 2023, Mumbai

The minimum monthly wage for unskilled/entry-level workers has been increased by 56.25%, sparking public comments and concerns. The Minimum Wage Board is open to receiving feedback and will consider it before finalizing the wage structure.

Violent Protests and Industry Reputational Damage

The recent unrest and protests over the minimum wage increase have caused financial losses and tarnished the industry's image. Industry stakeholders are working to address the situation and counter negative media reports.

Engagement with Global Brands and Retailers

BGMEA engaged with global brands and retailers to discuss the new wage structure and its impact on production costs. The brands expressed understanding and assured BGMEA of reasonable price adjustments.

Call for Responsible Purchasing Practices

BGMEA urged global brands to adopt responsible purchasing practices to support the industry's growth and ensure worker well-being. This aligns with the global emphasis on decent work and fair wages.

Mutual Growth and Worker Well-being

BGMEA and global brands are committed to finding mutually beneficial solutions that support worker well-being and ensure the industry's sustainability. This collaborative approach is crucial for the long-term success of the Bangladeshi garment industry.

CREDITS: BGMEA press release

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