Ace Turtle Launches Connect 2.0


07 August 2023, Mumbai

Ace Turtle, a pioneer in tech-integrated retail, has introduced Connect 2.0, an upgraded version of its pioneering mobile app, designed to revolutionize and streamline retail store operations.

To Digitize Store Operations and Drive Efficiency

Aligned with the Retail Nxt philosophy, Connect 2.0 facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between Ace Turtle's business teams and retail staff across India.

Presently operational in over 80 Lee and Wrangler outlets, the app enhances brand efficiency and productivity, culminating in an improved customer experience.

Management expressed enthusiasm around the launch of Connect 2.0 marks a pivotal step.

This app's architecture has been optimized for scalability, aligning with our tech-driven strategy to elevate global brands within India's retail realm.

The app focuses on digitizing manual store processes, empowering teams with real-time communication, training, helpdesk support, and workflows. Key features include omnichannel order fulfillment, visual merchandising, and insightful modules like KPI tracking and performance analysis.

Connect 2.0

Its role-specific features cater to diverse staff needs. Managers access nationwide sales data, while store-specific insights empower outlet managers. Real-time KPI tracking is facilitated on mobile devices, simplifying tasks like omnichannel order fulfillment.

Positive feedback from users has inspired plans for additional features like Alteration, Noticeboard, Footfall Integration, and Gamification.

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