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Flipkart to promote handicrafts made by women artisans

13 May 2022, Mumbai:

E-commerce firm Flipkart will help women artisans, weavers, and handicraft makers by promoting their craft on its platform in partnership with Telangana-based Aarunya.

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The products will be promoted under the ‘Flipkart Samarth’ Program that enables women to build capacities and enhance livelihoods, says KT Rama Rao, Telangana IT and Industries Minister.

Rajneesh Kumar, Senior Vice-President, Flipkart Group adds, the partnership will help Flipkart uplift and empower women-led businesses in their growth ambition in Telangana.

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A project initiated during the pandemic, Aarunya helps local women sell specialized products while Flipkart’s Samarth supports over a million artisans, weavers and craftsmen in different States.

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Flipkart to promote handicrafts made by women artisans

Baggit: Getting Lucky with Revenge Shopping

17 May 2022, Mumbai:

Over the last year or so, importers from China have faced some difficulties because of the forex situation, as well as consumers' desire to migrate away from Chinese-made goods.

Many of its competitors who rely on imports from China have had their supply chains disrupted as a result of Chinese anti-Covid legislation.

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At Baggit, it saw this as an opportunity. And despite the fact that we are still recovering from the impact of Covid phase 3, we made a bold bet. We increased our inventory and produced nearly twice what it normally would in a month.

Fortunately for it, we are seeing very strong momentum in our  sales (online as well, but largely offline) and it is delighted to hear from its customers, that this spike is due to  “revenge shopping.” What is 'Revenge Shopping'?

Most individuals have grown bored of being grounded at home and have begun visiting malls and splurging.

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On April 22, the majority of the retail industry reported sales that were above Pre-Covid levels i.e. April and May 2019. It has also witnessed strong growth, and it is thrilled to report that the months of April and May 22 were by far the most successful in our 35-year history.

As a result, it's bet on accumulating inventories in the expectation of improving consumer mood is paying off; we are profiting.

As they say, fortune favours the brave; and we ended up being both brave and lucky.

Baggit has launched a digital campaign to promote its new re-positioning. The repositioning exercise is driven by 0101 who will handle their communication and the digital performance and Martech operations.

This campaign challenges the fashion advertising norms.

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CREDITS: Baggit (The news article has not been edited by DFU Publications staff).

Baggit: Getting Lucky with Revenge Shopping


16 May 2022, Mumbai:

Businesses of today warrant high impact #technologies of tomorrow to stay ahead of the enterprise curve. And that is why Indian #Retail, #Textiles and #Apparel #business #consulting leader Technopak Advisors has joined hands with Trace Labs Network a first mover in the Metaverse for fashion and lifestyle space.

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The game-changing partnership is set to aid fashion and lifestyle brands in their quest to leverage Metaverse & its vast potential to ramp up the business scale, incubate innovation, be in sync with continuously evolving tech for enterprise applications, and offer a futuristic platform in the E-Fashion and Apparel space.

The venture will also help enterprises in their endeavours to unlock opportunities in emerging technology, create and retail #NFTs, maximize Metaverse's footprint and turbocharge their business prospects through tech-aided innovation.

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Trace Network Labs has been assisting fashion and lifestyle brands accelerate the adoption of Metaverse to ramp up their scale and incorporate innovation, be in sync with rapidly evolving tech and offer a futuristic platform for enabling lifestyle for Metaverse.

The firm has furthered Metaverse's practical use cases through an array of products such as virtual avatar personalization simulator ‘BUDDY’, Lifestyle NFT Marketplace ‘BLING’, and OS for Metaverse & DeFi ‘eMETA’ among others.

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CREDITS: Technopak (The news article has not been edited by DFU Publications staff).


Proline: Presents new collection

12 May 2022, Mumbai:

Proline, a homegrown sportswear brand, is all set to introduce its new 'Street Style' collection for the first time!

The collection showcases a collection of apparel ranging from joggers, edgy shorts, stylish pants, and statement T-Shirts. Given below is the press release for your perusal along with the google drive link to the image bank.

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Taking a fresh approach, the brand presents a unique offering centered around coveted designs, self-expression, and functionality. A contrast to its previous collection, the range screams street style with its bolder cuts, oversized graphics, street signages, and layered looks.

The Street Style collection oozes the uber-cool attitude with the perfect culmination of innovative sportswear and the hustle-culture element of the athleisure industry.

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Mr. Abhay Dev, the Head of Design at Proline, said, “Popular for its sportswear collection, the Street Style Collection will set a different tone with designs inspired by the parkour culture.

Designing this collection was a fulfilling experience for me and we were able to strike the right balance between fashion and functionality.

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Proline: Presents new collection

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