ANTIBRND: Redefining Luxury with Logo-Free Designs


06 July  2023, Mumbai

In a logo-dominated fashion world, ANTIBRND offers a refreshing alternative for those who prioritize substance.

Pioneering brand offers

This pioneering brand provides logo-less designer products at affordable prices, captivating discerning consumers. Operating on a unique business model, ANTIBRND establishes direct partnerships with manufacturers serving luxury brands.

Captivating discerning consumers

affordable luxury; By eliminating branding, retail, and celebrity endorsement costs, they offer customers luxurious clothing and homeware at significantly lower prices. Their philosophy centers on the belief that true luxury resides in the product itself, rather than the displayed emblem.

Challenging traditional retail models

Since its June 5 launch, ANTIBRND has witnessed exponential growth, challenging conventional marketing approaches used by established retailers.

With an expanding range of nearly 80 products, including bedding, scented candles, shirts, t-shirts, and bamboo towels, they collaborate with esteemed names like Hugo Boss, Wrangler, Lee, and Karl Lagerfeld.

ANTIBRND sources premium fabrics from Welspun for their shirts and jackets. ANTIBRND spearheads Indian luxury fashion retailing, revolutionizing the industry through its innovative emphasis on quality over logos, reshaping perceptions and experiences of luxury.

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