Umran Malik Teams Up with Campus Activewear for Nitrofly Launch


 19 May 2023, Mumbai  

Campus Activewear, a renowned sports and athleisure footwear brand, has partnered with cricketer Umran Malik to introduce the highly anticipated Nitrofly range.

This collaboration aims to combine Malik's exceptional skills as India's fastest bowler with Campus Activewear's commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving extraordinary performance.

The highlight of the Nitrofly range is the incorporation of the cutting-edge 'Nitro' technology, a performance-enhancing feature that sets these athletic footwear apart from others in the market. With the Nitro technology, Campus Activewear aims to revolutionize the world of athletic footwear by providing athletes with shoes that offer a perfect balance of speed, comfort, and control.

This collaboration between Campus Activewear and Umran Malik marks an exciting chapter for both the brand and the cricketer.

The Nitrofly collection will be available for purchase in select retail stores.

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