Liberty Shoes becomes official footwear partner of Indian contingent for 2023 Asian Games


12 September 2023, Mumbai

IOA unveils official ceremonial attire and sports gear for Indian athletes

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has unveiled the official ceremonial attire and sports gear for the Indian contingent competing in the upcoming 2023 Asian Games. The Asian Games, a highly awaited event scheduled to be held in Hangzhou, China, from September 23 to October 8, has garnered significant attention.

During this historic occasion, LIBERTY SHOES, a renowned Indian footwear brand, proudly announced its partnership with the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) as the official ceremonial footwear sponsor for the Indian athletes participating in the Asian Games 2023.

With more than 600 Indian athletes set to make their mark in China, the ambitious goal of achieving a record-breaking 100 medals is the focus.

Liberty Shoes expresses excitement over partnership.

Collaboration underscores support for India's sporting excellence

This exciting collaboration between Liberty Shoes and the Indian Olympic Association not only represents a significant milestone for the brand but also underscores their unwavering support and commitment to India's sporting excellence on the global stage.

As the Asian Games 2023 draws near, the nation eagerly awaits the outstanding performances of its athletes, proudly donning Liberty Shoes' specially crafted footwear.

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