ReshaMandi transforms Indian Fashion with sustainable banana peel and pineapple textiles


11 August 2023, Mumbai

ReshaMandi, a pioneering textile business, is revolutionizing the Indian fashion industry by utilizing natural resources like banana peels and pineapple leaves to craft sustainable handloom textiles.

This innovative approach aims to bolster eco-friendly production while providing opportunities for artisans.

Journey of sustainable development

One remarkable creation involves hemp fiber, a rapidly growing crop that consumes significantly less water than cotton, thereby opening new avenues for profitability in the textile sector. Additionally, ReshaMandi ingeniously employs banana peel and stem fibers to engineer breathable, soft fabrics, effectively reducing waste and maximizing the material's strength.

India has triumphed over the Philippines in banana fabric production, indicating the rising popularity of this innovation.

Green is the color to go

Furthermore, ReshaMandi's use of pineapple leaves to produce silk has provided farmers with supplementary income streams.

The emergence of modal fabric derived from the Indian Beech tree is also gaining traction in sustainable textile businesses, contributing to the company's forward-looking ethos.

Through these ingenious endeavors, ReshaMandi charts a course toward an eco-elegant future, empowering both artisans and the planet.

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