UK luxury menswear brand targets India


10 May 2023, Mumbai 

Alessandro Vittore, a UK brand known for its luxurious men's wear, is set to make its mark in India, eyeing the country as its largest market. The brand, popular for its casual, fun, and deluxe clothing, is generating high expectations among its admirers as it prepares for its launch in the subcontinent.

Alessandro Vittore has successfully catered to individuals seeking to elevate their style quotient with sophisticated male sensibilities. The brand's latest collection has already made waves in the fashion industry.

Comprising essential wardrobe pieces crafted from high-quality fabrics, the collection encourages individuals to reinvent themselves and express various facets of their personality.

Alessandro Vittore distinguishes itself by maintaining an eco-friendly and sustainable approach. The brand primarily selects silk and bamboo fabrics, both known for their sustainability.

Bamboo fabric, in particular, offers breathability, ventilation, and moisture-wicking properties, and is naturally antibacterial—making it ideal for the subcontinent's tropical climate.

Moreover, bamboo fabric boasts a smaller carbon footprint and is more efficient to manufacture compared to alternatives like cotton. It's softness and texture rival that of the finest silk available in the market.

Alessandro Vittore's foray into India aims for success, and to create an impact on the fashion landscape of the subcontinent.

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