Lulu Group unveils mall in Hyderabad


30 September 2023, Mumbai

UAE-based Lulu Group has recently made a foray into the Indian state of Telangana with the launch of its first mall in Hyderabad. This expansive mall covers in excess of 4,75,000 square feet. The glorious opening was in the gracious presence of H'ble Telangana's Minister for Industry, KT Rama Rao.


Lulu Group, reiterated the company's deep commitment to keep investing a substantial sum in the state through the next three years.

This material investment will help various strategic ventures, including the development of a flagship shopping mall, the establishment of smaller-scale malls, and the establishment of an agriculture sourcing, logistics, and processing hub.

These thoughtful endeavors are well set to facilitate 100 percent exports, help consolidate the group's footprint, and nurture harmonic inclusive growth within Telangana's evolving & emerging growing economy.

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