Reliance Retail to expand distribution to third party stores

Reliance Retail to expand distribution to third party stores

Reliance Retail, with over 50 exclusive brand outlets across India, is embarking on an ambitious strategy to broaden its reach in the clothing and fashion market. The company now aims to extend the distribution of its brands, including Silkfeet, Jivers, Xlerate, Feet Up, Dhuni by Avassa, Riva, John Player Select, kidlyboo, and Altair, to third-party stores.

This initiative is set to cover all markets, including rural areas, as Reliance Retail seeks to tap into a wider consumer base. The brands will be strategically positioned in categories such as western wear, Indian wear, innerwear, lingerie, costume jewelry, footwear, and fashion accessories, catering to the value and mid-premium segments.

Under the Ajio Business banner, Reliance Retail plans to enhance its pilot project by the next spring-summer season, further solidifying its presence in the market. The company is committed to bringing its diverse range of products to third-party stores in various locations, making fashion more accessible to a broader audience.

Moreover, Reliance Retail intends to boost its new formats, Azorte, targeting an annual growth of 50 per cent, signaling its dedication to evolving retail trends. Furthermore, The Trends stores will witness 10 to 15 per cent growth, demonstrating Reliance Retail's commitment to staying at the forefront of the fashion retail landscape.

Launched just last year, these strategic moves underline Reliance Retail's determination to not only establish itself as a key player in the fashion industry but also to continually adapt and grow in response to market dynamics.

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