Antar-Agni's first Kolkata flagship redefines fashion


27 September 2023, Mumbai

Antar-Agni, the avant-garde clothing brand by designer Ujjawal Dubey, has made a stylish debut in Kolkata with its first flagship store. Situated on Sarat Bose Road, this 900-square-foot vintage-themed boutique encapsulates the essence of colonial aesthetics while showcasing Antar-Agni's unique conceptual collections.

The store's inauguration coincides with the launch of an exclusive 'made-for-Kolkata' festive wear line, marking a significant milestone for the brand. The interior design expertly combines tradition with modernity, featuring a central room leading to more intimate spaces.

About Brand

Antar-Agni, founded by Ujjawal Dubey in 2014, has gained recognition for its boundary-pushing, ungendered silhouettes and innovative textile experiments.

This Kolkata flagship joins its New Delhi counterpart, providing a physical space for customers to experience the brand's non-conformist ethos. Antar-Agni's availability through e-commerce and select multi-brand stores further underscores its commitment to redefining contemporary fashion.

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