Bummer launches loungewear from micromodal fabrics

Bummer launches loungewear from micromodal fabrics

03 March 2022, Mumbai:

Ahmedabad-based New Age essential wear company, Bummer has launched a loungewear range made from micromodal fabrics derived from Beechwood trees. A result of two years of intense research, the range aims to disrupt the industry with its color palette and designs range.

Sulay Lavsi, Founder, Bummer says, the company’s products use 47 per cent less water while manufacturing, have 18 per cent reduced carbon footprint over cotton, and save 359 hours of energy resources over cotton. Around 47 per cent of users are from non-metros while 67 per cent belong to the 18-34 age group.



Aman Gupta, Founder, Boat Electronics & Investor adds, Bummer has successfully coupled comfort with quirky designs in a segment which has remained boring for ages.

The company will innovate further with Modal fans and continue making sizeable dents in the lounge wear market! Focussed on delivering eco-friendly, Sustainability focused and high quality products for both genders, Bummer offers products weighing less than 60 gm each.

The brand is ecologically and ethically conscious and aims to make customers feel more good, comfortable and conscious amongst themselves.


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