Virgio: Leading the Fashion Revolution with Sustainable Practices


01 February 2024, Mumbai

Imagine a fashion industry where clothes have multiple lives, resources are conserved, and the environment thrives. That's the vision behind Virgio, a trailblazing company led by former Myntra CEO Amar Nagaram.

Circularity at its Core:

Virgio isn't just about creating trendy clothes; it's about creating a circular economy within fashion. This means they consider the entire lifecycle of each garment, from sourcing sustainable materials to ensuring responsible disposal. This sets them apart as a true leader in the shift towards a more sustainable future for fashion.

Innovation Meets Sustainability:

But how do they make it happen? Virgio leverages cutting-edge recycling technologies to breathe new life into textile waste. These technologies allow them to repurpose and regenerate materials, significantly reducing the environmental impact of their production processes.

A Visionary Leader at the Helm:

The driving force behind Virgio's mission is Amar Nagaram, whose experience as the CEO of Myntra instilled in him a deep understanding of the fashion industry's challenges and opportunities. His leadership and unwavering commitment to sustainability have been instrumental in shaping Virgio's revolutionary approach.

Collaboration for Impact:

Virgio understands that change requires collective action. That's why they actively forge strategic partnerships and collaborations with like-minded organizations. These alliances amplify their impact and create a powerful community dedicated to fostering a more sustainable and responsible fashion industry.

Making a Difference, One Garment at a Time:

Virgio's commitment to sustainability isn't just a شعار; it translates into real-world results. Their efforts have led to a measurable positive impact on the environment, from reducing carbon footprints to promoting ethical labor practices. Their success story is a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in driving positive change.

By rethinking fashion from the ground up, Virgio is paving the way for a more sustainable future, one garment at a time.

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