Bangladesh Denim Expo: 10-11th May'22

Bangladesh Denim Expo: 10-11th May'22

05 April 2022, Mumbai:

Bangladesh Denim Expo is The One-Stop Innovative Denim Sourcing Platform for Denim Industry.

Bangladesh Denim EXPO is an International Denim Trade Show, The exhibition is a one-stop innovative sourcing platform in Bangladesh for the global denim industry.
The trade show celebrates and explores the world of denim, it’s an exclusive event for only authorized trade visitors. Selective vendors can network, build contacts and meet others involved in the denim industry.
Companies involved in sustainable solutions will also be present providing advice for protecting our people and the planet.
There will be a number of seminars each day focusing on exciting new trends, finishes, and the latest washes, plus various workshops where attendees can participate.
Bangladesh Denim EXPO has been organized by Mr. Mostafiz on a NON PROFIT basis, whose main objective is to grow the development of the denim industry globally.

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