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Birla Cellulose Collaborates with TextileGenesis for Sustainable Fashion

24 May 2023, Mumbai  

Birla Cellulose, a leading producer of sustainable Man-Made Cellulosic Fibres (MMCF), has partnered with TextileGenesis to enhance fibre traceability and promote sustainability in the fashion industry.

Integration of Tracer-Enabled Sustainable Fibres with Blockchain Technology Sets New Standards in Transparency and Environmental Responsibility

Birla Cellulose's tracer-enabled sustainable fibres are integrated with TextileGenesis' blockchain-based traceability platform. This collaboration allows for transparency from fibre to garment, meeting the increasing demand for sustainable and traceable fashion.

Birla Cellulose's commitment to transparency and sustainability is evident through its achievements in conserving forests and promoting circular business models. With plans to expand the collaboration, the partnership aims to deliver transparency solutions, strengthen connections with brands and consumers, and contribute to the industry's focus on environmental sustainability.

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Donear reports for FY2023

23 May 2023, Mumbai  

DonearIndustries Limited has released its standalone financial results for the period ending March 31, 2023.

The company witnessed a slight quarter-to-quarter increase in total income to Rs. 215.6440 crores, while the net profit declined to Rs. 8.5283 crores.

Total Income Shows Slight Increase

In a year-on-year comparison, Donear Industries showed significant growth in total income for the fourth quarter, reaching Rs. 215.6440 crores. However, the net profit declined to Rs. 8.5283 crores.

For the full financial year, the company reported a substantial rise in total income to Rs. 835.8223 crores and a net profit of Rs. 36.24 crores.

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ESG in textile – An Indo Danish perspective

22 May 2023, Mumbai  

An in-person discussion, together with Danish textile brands, government, NGOs, and industry.

Event theme: ESG in textile – An Indo-Danish perspective

Scheduled on 22nd May 2023 at 02:00 pm – 04:00 pm

Venue: Hotel Shangri La Eros, New Delhi through Hybrid Mode.


Session included-

Sustainability & the future of the Indian textile industry. 

Sustainability in textile-An Indo-Danish context.

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ESG in textile – An Indo Danish perspective

BSL Ltd. Q4FY23 results reported

09 May 2023, Mumbai 

BSL Limited (BSE: 514045/NSE: BSL), a leading player in the textile industry, has released its audited financial results for Q4 and FY23 ending on March 31, 2023.

The company operates a fully integrated unit with advanced technologies sourced globally that encompasses spinning, weaving, processing, and manufacturing capabilities.

Financial Performance for Q4 & FY23 (in ₹ Crore):

Total revenue for FY23 increased by 8.2% YoY to reach ₹471.7 Cr.

EBITDA for FY23 increased by 33.8% YoY to reach ₹53.4 Cr. PAT for the quarter stood at ₹16.9 Cr. with a PAT margin of 3.58%, marking a 47.3% YoY increase.

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J&K Boosts Textile Industry

28 April 2023, Mumbai 

Union Minister Darshana Vikram Jardosh announced that multiple textile units are set to establish in Jammu and Kashmir, which will transform the region into a thriving industrial hub.

During a public outreach event on January 26 at Government Degree College for Women in Kathua district, the Minister of State for Railways and Textiles highlighted Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 5 'F' vision, Farm to Fibre to Factory to Fashion to Foreign, and its potential to boost the growth of the textile sector.

The minister emphasized that the textile ministry is taking new measures to promote the production and value addition of textile products.

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ReshaMandi empowers weavers with cataloguing

26 April 2023, Mumbai 

ReshaMandi, India's leading farm-to-fashion digital ecosystem for natural fibers, has launched Cataloguing as a Service (CaaS), a new initiative to assist weavers with professional cataloging.
CaaS offers weavers options to obtain digital catalogs of their products featuring models draped in sarees, highlighting every aspect of the fabric and design from five angles.
Weavers can specify the features of their sarees, and CaaS provides a web link to their dedicated digital store, rich with professional photos, details, and means of tracking engagement.
CaaS has seen a surge in usage, decreasing the time to share and track requested products and expanding the weavers' customer base.

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