Birla Cellulose completes pilot scale spin off of lyocell fibers

Birla Cellulose completes pilot scale spin off of lyocell fibers

10 March 2022, Mumbai:

The pulp and fiber business of Grasim Industries, Birla Cellulose, has completed the first pilot-scale spin-off of eco-friendly next-generation lyocell fiber containing 20 percent Nanollose microbial cellulose (Nullarbor-20TM).

The first pilot spin-off marks a significant milestone in Birla Cellulose’s strategy for commercialization of this technology that uses sustainable biomass produced from the fermentation of food industry waste.

The fibers have been produced maintaining all superior attributes of Birla Excel (lyocell) such as comfort, strength, durability, and moisture absorption while further enhancing the sustainability quotient by  Birla Cellulose, ing Nanollose’s microbial cellulose that reduces pressure on virgin wood-based pulp.


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The completion of the pilot spin demonstrates the potential for making this forest-friendly fibre using Birla Cellulose’s existing manufacturing setups and augurs well for the potential commercialization of this technology.

The completion of the first pilot-scale spin process highlights the capabilities of Birla Cellulose’s and Nanollose’s technical teams to overcome the challenges associated with scaling production from laboratory to industrial-grade processing across multiple continents.

This also included the procurement of microbial cellulose at carefully defined specifications, the establishment of quality control and optimisation procedures, experimentation of drying and purification methods, and the exchange of technical information between Nanollose, its contract researchers, and Birla’s technical team in relation to the fibre spinning process.

Birla Cellulose is a leading sustainability-focused Man-Made Cellulosic Fibres (MMCF) producer.

It operates 12 sites that apply environmentally efficient closed-loop technologies that recycle materials and conserve natural resources. Its five global advanced research centers are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and pilot plants.


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