Unesco recognizes India’s Telangana textile heritage

Unesco recognizes India’s Telangana textile heritage

06 October 2022, Mumbai:

Telangana, a state in India known for its unique textile crafts has been listed by Unesco.

These include Siddipet Gollabhama saris, Himru weaving and Gongadi sheep wool blankets. Unesco has listed the histories and legends behind the textiles, especially the strenuous efforts put in by weavers. A lot of effort has gone into identification and collating a representative sample of Indian textile crafts from across the country that merit special consideration. Siddipet Gollabhama saris have motifs are woven on the pallu (the loose end draped over the shoulder) and on the lower border but none on the upper border. The body of the sari is plain or has motifs. These saris are made of cotton. Another important feature of Gollabama saris is that the motifs are not woven on the loom but made entirely by hand.

Telangana has revised the intricate and near extinct Pitambari saris, Siddipet Gollabhamasarees, Teliarumal weaving, HIMRU weaving and Armoor silk saris. Now, the state is coming up with Ramappa saris to commemorate the Ramappa temple being recognized as an Unesco World Heritage Site.

Handmade textiles appear to be fast dwindling in the face of the demands of modernity. In this context, it is absolutely essential that handmade textiles are taken stock of, and that they are properly mapped in all their diversity.

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