COP28 Gets Fashion's Blueprint: GFA Monitor Charts Course to Net Positive


06 December 2023, Mumbai

Leaders get a guide: The GFA Monitor 2023, launched at COP28, maps a sustainable fashion future, fueled by 25+ industry voices.

Data drives solutions: The report taps into the Fashion Industry Target Consultation (FITC), surveying 900 voices globally, offering a real-world perspective.

Five priorities, actionable steps: Aligned with the Fashion CEO Agenda, it focuses on fair work, wages, circularity, resources, and smart materials, providing practical tools and best practices.

United, but cautious: The FITC reveals optimism about 27 action areas but urges concrete impact. The report sets clear goals, highlighting areas needing improvement.

2025: Our critical deadline: With the UN's 2030 goals approaching, the GFA Monitor sounds the alarm: peak greenhouse gas emissions must happen by 2025. Paris pledges fall short; projections worsen.

COP28: Fashion steps up, GFA leads: GFA co-hosts a special session, ensuring fashion's voice is heard. The Global Fashion Agenda Assembly on December 5th reviews progress, shares financing solutions, and advises policymakers.

Join the movement: "Partnerships are key," says Federica Marchionni, Global Fashion Agenda CEO. "Together, sustainability becomes the new normal."

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