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Future Group Vendors United (FGVU)

14 November 2022, Mumbai:

Future Group Vendors United (FGVU) is an association of more than 300 MSME vendors supplying garment and fashion accessories to all Future Group companies namely Future Enterprises Ltd / Future Retail Ltd / Future Lifestyle Fashions Ltd / Future Speciality Retail Ltd.
Mr. Piyush Shah, Co-Founder & Member of Future Group Vendors United stated that the future of vendors and around one lakh workers was in jeopardy.
In view of the above situation, the vendors have decided to gather outside Reliance Retail head office at Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai on 14 th November 2022.
It had two points agenda while meeting Kishore Biyani, though nothing came out from the
1) Recovery of its outstanding in all Future Group companies pending for over 3 years.
2) The goods which we had made under the tripartite arrangement between Future Enterprises Ltd/ Reliance Retail Ltd / Vendors lying with us for the last 8 months.
A mutual arrangement was arrived at where we vendors used to bill goods to Future Enterprises Ltd and ship to Reliance Retail Ltd and payments for the same were done by Reliance Retail Ltd directly to the vendors.
After a lot of requests, the part quantity of our goods was lifted by reliance retail Ltd in the month of
July / August 2022 but a significant part of our goods are still lying with us which has a value of more than 500 crores.
Being Future Group vendors, it had no way to contact Reliance Retail and it does not even have a clear reply from Future Group spite chasing them for the last 8 months.
Some desperate measures need to be taken not only in the interest of these MSME vendors & huge numbers of workers but also to safeguard the general interest of the garment industry in the country.

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SIMA: Hails MEG's rejection of anti-dumping duty levy

02 November2022, Mumbai:

SIMA-a step in the right direction for the growth of the MMF sector.

In a Press Release issued here today, Ravi Sam, Chairman, The Southern India Mills’ Association (SIMA) welcomed the decision of DGTR and thanked the Hon’ble PM, Narendra Modi, and MoT, Piyush Goyal for the bold decision taken on this front.

He has further stated that as the country started facing a cotton shortage, several hundreds of spinning mills, weaving mills, knitting, and garment capacities are switching over to polyester textile clothing manufacturing and thereby sustaining the financial viability of these segments apart from protecting the jobs of several lakhs of people.

The Union Government has been taking various pathbreaking policy initiatives and addressing the structural issues relating to raw materials especially MMF raw materials, fibres, and filament yarns to gain global competitiveness and achieve exponential growth rate in textiles and clothing manufacturing and its exports.

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The need for achieving 'Carbon-Zero'

05 November 2022, Mumbai:

At the outset outlining the trade body 'Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)', a Nobel initiative/platform where the foundational spade work was done by a group of sustainability global impact leaders belonging to the apparel and footwear industry.

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), in its annual Meeting held on November 1-2, 2022 in Singapore with the theme "Collective Action on Common Ground" underpinned the call to action (CTA) that the climate crisis is only deepening and gaining momentum.

The very timely held event which was no less than the silver lining in the global cloudy outlook involving the trade's multi-stakeholders, spanning retailers, brands, and manufacturers in the broader context got engaged in the conversations around how to pinpointedly lay down the regime of accountability and responsibility to the state & non-state actors within the universe of textile & footwear sector supply chains.

Global Fashion Summit, Singapore summit had a strong lineup of over 50 vanguards of movement speakers including H.E. Sandra Jensen Landi, Ambassador of Denmark to Singapore & Ambassador-Designate of Denmark to Brunei; H.E. Iwona Piórko, Ambassador of the European Union to Singapore; Anne-Laure Descours; to name a few and many more to drive home global message.

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Prioritising Nature and People in Business to Create Measurable Impacts

22 October 2022, Mumbai:

India and Sustainability Standards (ISS2022): International Dialogues and Conference 2 - 4 November 2022 | Eros Hotel, New Delhi (Hybrid).

Over the years the conference has been a successful platform in incorporating leading voices from various sectors in order to strengthen the discourse on sustainable business in India. Last year, ISS saw over 850 attendees and over 50 partners ranging from policymakers and civil society representatives to leaders of the industry.

The broad structure of the conference this year will be like the preceding years – (i) Inaugural Day on 2nd  November comprising an Inaugural Session and High-level Plenaries, followed by (ii) Sectoral and Thematic Parallel Sessions on 3rd  and 4th  November. 

The objective of this flagship event is to bring together multiple stakeholders in the sustainability ecosystem.

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Hohenstein India: Inaugurates Leather & Footwear Lab

18 November 2022, Mumbai:

Taking big steps toward more sustainability

Hohenstein India: Global Sustainability Conference and inauguration of new leather & footwear laboratory. The following day, numerous invited guests gathered at the Hohenstein laboratory site in Gurugram for the ceremonial inauguration of a new leather & footwear laboratory.

True to the motto Local by Global, the agenda of the Global Sustainability Conference was perfectly tailored to the needs of the Indian textile industry.

"This event is a great opportunity for the Indian textile industry to benefit from the global expertise of Hohenstein, OEKO-TEX®, and Industry experts (from Landmark Group, Colourtex Industries, Shahi Exports, Resil Chemicals & German Environment agency) to optimize their products and processes, and ultimately achieve their sustainability goals in global competition," said a delighted host Vinod Kumar, MD of Hohenstein India & SL. Prof. Dr. Stefan Mecheels, CEO and owner of the testing service provider Hohenstein, welcomed the participants in his opening speech and referred to upheavals: "Times are changing rapidly in the global textile industry - sustainable products and processes are the order of the day".

How can economic success be linked with product responsibility and more sustainability? More than 300 players and Hohenstein customers in the Indian textile industry accepted Hohenstein India's invitation to attend the Global Sustainability Conference in Gurugram, India, on November 10, 2022, and to obtain possible solutions to this question. 

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Bluesign Higg partnership coming up

20 October 2022, Mumbai:

Higg is developing partnerships with Bluesign and ZDHC to fast-track textile industry chemical management improvement.

It is to accelerate the use of environmentally-safe chemicals among global brands and manufacturers.

The production of textile chemicals has a significant impact on the global environment. According to a ZDHC latest report, between six and eight percent of all greenhouse gasses can be attributed to chemicals produced in the textile industry.

As part of the newly announced developing partnerships, the parties aim for more advanced integration of data for their customers in order to help textile manufacturers improve chemical management, and reduce the risk of water toxicity.

The announcement brings two of the world’s leading voices in sustainable chemical management to Higg’s industry-leading data and analytics platform to continue the expansion of data sources available on the Higg platform.

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