Ghezzi returns to Filo with a "seasonless" collection and presents the new yarn VIS2LIFE

Ghezzi returns to Filo with a "seasonless" collection and presents the new yarn VIS2LIFE

16 February 2022, Mumbai:

Always one to anticipate trends, the Como-based company renowned for its know-how in the creation of innovative and responsible yarns meets the needs and desires of the market with an up to date offer.

Filo Milano, February 23-24 2022, booth A1 Founded in 1949 in Lombardy, Ghezzi is a company that offers advanced twisting, spiraling and twist-texturizing processes for yarns and threads thanks to its precious corporate heritage and continuous investment in specialized personnel and innovative technologies.

Ghezzi Spa - Filo

On the strength of its new partnership with the international eco hub C.L.A.S.S., Ghezzi returns to Filo with a series of responsible innovations designed to create a positive impact for new consumers, the company's business and the surrounding environment.

Among all of them, the first "Seasonless" collection, a proposal of references untied from the concepts of seasons and trends much loved by traditional fashion.

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For a style suited to the fluid rhythms of contemporaneity, the Como-based company, strengthened by an unparalleled wealth of experience, has focused on the processing of very twisted yarns, elasticized yarns in continuous filament fibers for fabrics with a "clean" surface and a fluid feel, but also continuous filament yarns mixed with short fiber yarns that are decidedly "clean" and of a fine count for fabrics with a fluid feel.

The range of counts tends to be low, from dtex 44 to dtex 200, with a few tips on the thicker counts in viscose or nylon in order to obtain a marked fluidity and a sagging hand.


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