Goados uses indigenous & handwoven material


20 September 2022, Mumbai:

Launched in 2021, Goados is an Indian brand focused on creating sustainable apparel using natural indigenous material like khadi.

Goados intends to transform people’s behaviour from purchasing fast fashion to ethical fashion by substituting materials like polyester, nylon, and other synthetic fibers with permeable natural fabrics that last longer and are good for the skin.The pillars of the brand are sustainability and the continuation of India’s traditional arts and crafts.

The major objective is to protect these arts and crafts and to support the craftspeople so they can continue to practice these age-old techniques. The aim is to make sustainability more exciting to consumers with a design-centric approach and by forecasting the latest trends and colours with a strong brand identity.

The next collection will have indigenous silk and dyeing techniques like batik and kantha embroidery. Goados has earlier used hand woven ikkat.

The fashion industry is one of the largest growing industries in the world.The last decade has seen an increase in the number of fast fashion brands, negatively impacting the environment and society. Millennials and gen Zs prefer wearing novel synthetic clothing over traditional hand-woven fabrics, unless it's a festival. Consumers worldwide are forgoing fast fashion for sustainable brands.

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