Government to set up Products Boards across India

Government to set up Products Boards across India

02 July 2022, Mumbai:

To make the Indian textile industry truly Atmanirbhar the government needs to set up Product Boards in the specific areas such as knitwear board in Tiruppur, home textiles board in Karur with industry representatives, said Raja M. Shanmugham, President, Tiruppur Exporters’ Association (TEA).

India has everything which is required to become the world’s leading sourcing destination for textiles and apparel, however the industry is largely represented by the MSMEs and such support is much needed, Shanmugham added.

The TEA chief suggested that the existing structure of the export promotion councils should to disband as it has proved ineffective.

As a replacement of it the government must set up product boards in the happening areas, opined Shanmugham.

Such boards will work towards boosting the sectors and allow true representation of the industry for quick policy and various other interventions when needed.

In view of the incessant rise in cotton this year, he said the Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) should start to build cotton stocks.

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