India anticipates next major consumption surge in the New Year


30 December 2023, Mumbai

WHY India

India, with its booming population of 1.4 billion, is defying global economic uncertainties as consumer optimism soars. Deloitte's Financial Well-Being Index (FWBI) reveals India's impressive score of 109.1 in October 2023, surpassing the global average of 91.9.

Rise in aspirational spending
This positive outlook is fueling a surge in consumption, particularly of discretionary and aspirational products. Deloitte's ongoing initiative, Consumer Signals, reports that 77% of Indian consumers are unwilling to delay significant purchases, with 70% having indulged in the past two months.

Premium brand appeal
Notably, over 50% of consumers express interest in investing in premium consumer durables, and 57% are ready to splurge on premium food and grocery items. The Indian economy's growth is pushing consumers toward luxury spending, with the overall luxury market projected to reach $30 billion by 2030.

Expanding luxury landscape
Global luxury brands are capitalizing on this trend, expanding their presence in India. This not only attracts new buyers but also retains consumption within the country, previously fulfilled through overseas travel.

Diverse consumer preferences
Increasing affluence has made consumers more discerning. They seek differentiated, localized offerings beyond popular brands, driving the growth of specialized direct-to-consumer (D2C) players and private-label businesses.

The new commerce landscape
The rise of new commerce, including D2C, social commerce, quick commerce, and live commerce, is transforming the consumer shopping experience. Predicted to be 40% of the e-commerce market by 2030, it offers diverse choices, pushing brands to prioritize customer experience as a key growth driver.

Technology integration
Brands are leveraging technology, with generative AI emerging as the future for enhanced consumer experiences. Its growing usage enables better conversations, effective communication, and personalized fulfillment processes, propelling brands to reinvent and scale efficiently.

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