PETA protests against Hermes’ use of animal skin in handbags


04 December 2023, Mumbai

Poorva Joshipura, Director, PETA India recently protested against luxury fashion brand Hermes for its alleged use of reptiles bred skin for making Hermès handbags and accessories.

PETA depicted the sufferings of crocodiles, snakes and alligators,cramped in filthy conditions, and ultimately killed for fashion, through its message titled, "Hermès: Accessories to Murder."


Joshipura urged Hermès to embrace the use of vegan materials like other luxury brands Chanel and Stella McCartney who have banned exotic skins in favor of sustainable alternatives. She emphasised that Hermes kills around three crocodiles for making one single bag. It urged he brand to emulate other ethical designers who have banned exotic skins from their collections.

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